Whitstable and District Horticultural Society

  • Membership is by the payment of an annual subscription of £10 per adult.


  • The membership year runs from January to December.  The subscriptions are due on or before the first meeting of the year.  Most members pay by bank transfer to enable their membership to flow freely from season to season.  While you are a member you are entitled to the following benefits:


  • Members do not pay to attend meetings.


  • E-newsletters containing society news, events, gardening articles and notice of any available discounts or offers.  Printed copies are available at meetings


  • Market place for unwanted tools and sundries.


  • Reduced prices for events.  We offer an increasing programme of trips and events at  local gardens and horticultural sites.


  • Members Discounts.  The society is constantly negotiating a range of discounts, special offers and 'behind the scenes' visits for members.


  • We are always seeking to build relationships with other related venues, groups and societies. Check out the links from this site.


If you would like to join our Society or require any further information, please Contact Us.

Members can join us on Facebook

Kent Federation of Horticultural Societies